How Rent-A-Disruptor   Works


Future-proof your business

Leverage the disruptive genius of innovators, entrepreneurs and technologists.

We will assemble your own custom-built team of disruptors.  

1. Information Gathering

We interview the executives of your company to understand your business model and perceived threats and opportunities.

2. Case Construction

We construct an anonymous case that does not identify the business or reveal its operational secrets.

3. RAD Team Magic

We assemble a RAD Team of disruptors who analyze the case and come up with ways in which your business is most likely to be disrupted.

4. Report Generation

We generate a report for you that synthesizes the insights from disruptors and make recommendations for how you can self-disrupt.


Tap the Wisdom of Crowds

We assemble your unique RAD Team from 
qualified experts.
Organizations today face a growing threat of disruption. Moore’s law has accelerated the pace of change astronomically. 20 years ago the cost of starting a technology business was $5 million; today it is less than $5,000 and continues to decline. Venture funding in the US alone has skyrocketed above $100 billion and is anticipated to rise. Over 75% of Fortune 500 companies listed in 2011 are expected to be removed from the index by 2027. With all this change, organizations need to see what they are not currently seeing and predict their future by building it today. This is why we came up with an idea.
In the intelligence community, a red team is an independent group outside of the organization that enhances the effectiveness of a mission by scanning for vulnerabilities. Red teams improve future-readiness by integrating fresh viewpoints and uncovering blindspots. Similarly, the goal of the RAD.Team    is to help leaders discover disruptive threats and opportunities.


The Rent-A-Disruptor     program brings together a bespoke team of Silicon Valley technologists, designers, business strategists, engineers, and/or product developers to study your market position and strategy. The team will propose ways that innovative competitors might disrupt you. This process is designed to uncover both threats and opportunities for your business.

See Your Future 

Disrupt yourself before others do



Rent-A-Disruptor    and RAD.Team   

are projects developed at T Labs.  





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